Local author Freda Ferne visited us on Saturday 31 January where she read extracts from her latest book and signed customers’ copies.

Recently returned from the coronation celebrations, where she met and spoke with His Majesty the King, Freda talked about Bhutan and read stories about the Yeti which lives in the wildest and remote regions.

Finding no books written for children about Bhutan, Freda set out to fill the gap. The result was “Bhutan Land of the Thunder Dragon – an introduction for children and arm chair travellers”. Thought to be the only book written for children on the subject, it is lavishly illustrated with four full colour maps and 50 full colour photographs.  It covers all aspect of  life in this little known kingdom in the Himalayas and is based on the author’s own experiences in Bhutan.

Although written for children, the book is proving popular with schools and people of all ages who want to learn something about this little known Himalayan kingdom.


“It’s great – loads of pictures and there’s no boring bits.” Joe (age 9)

“The information is clear and written in a simple, yet unpatronising way.  I love the way the author has referred to detail to look for in the photographs.”  Liz Ladd