Sunday 4 July   BOOK SIGNING

Annabel Claridge

Annabel Claridge

We were delighted to welcome local children’s author Annabel Claridge to meet impatient young customers who had been eagerly awaiting the publication of her third book Iron Horses featuring Bo the time travelling Poodle!  This series has been written to appeal to boys and girls aged 8+.

The stories are told through the eyes of two time travelling dogs, Cavendish the spaniel and Bo the poodle, who become the pets of some of history’s most fascinating personalities. These famous masters and mistresses are described from the dogs’ point of view, giving new insight into the private lives, sounds, smells and tastes of their era. We can see what the great characters of history did when the eyes of the world were no longer upon them, in their private lives when they were alone with family, friends and their beloved pets.  

In this third adventure Bo bravely travels back in time, but after adventures in Europe and Africa she now finds herself on the great plains of North America. There she witnesses the beginning of the end of the traditional Indian or native American way of life with the coming of the railways and the united states cavalry…Bo is up to her fluffy neck in it again as she joins forces with the charismatic Crazy Horse and a band of Sioux warriors facing General Custer at a famous battle called Little Big Horn…

Bo’s previous adventures.
Storm Dogs focuses on the last decade in the life of King Charles I. The book opens in 1639, when life is still carefree for the king’s close-knit family and their dogs. Anthony Van Dyck is painting their portraits and royal servants are trusted and loyal. But when Bo is seconded to ride at the Battle of Edgehill in place of Prince Rupert’s own, well-documented poodle, the dogs are thrown headlong into The English Civil War.

The result is a wonderfully atmospheric, impeccably researched tale of Roundheads and Royalists, spies and separation, trust and betrayal, and a tense, will-he-won’t-he showdown at The Banqueting House. If you don’t know the history just read the books!

Storm Dogs is followed by Mortal Gods, in which Bo the poodle becomes the favourite pet of Cleopatra of Egypt, and therefore of the great Roman generals, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. This story of thwarted ambition is told with great humour and delicious details of roasted dormice, fabulous cruises, horrible eunuchs – and a very important lion.