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Month: November 2011

River Monsters 26 November 2011

Saturday 26 November proved to be a sell out when Jeremy Wade came to sign copies of his new book River MonstersA Tale of obsession, adventure and very big fish . . .

Is it safe to get in the water? . . .

Nearly half the world’s fish species live in just 0.01% of the world’s water – our lakes and rivers. Yet most people know less about what lives in fresh water than they do about the oceans. Because some rivers are very hard to get to – and/or too murky to see into, using normal means – many of their inhabitants are rarely or never seen in conventional natural history programmes.

Biologist and fishing detective Jeremy Wade takes a different approach, starting by examining myths and fishermen’s tales, subjecting them to scientific scrutiny to separate fact from fiction. Then he homes in on his targets using a fishing line. The results are some fish of staggering dimensions and appearance, including some spectacular ‘firsts’. This book is Jeremy’s behind-the-scenes account of the stories featured in his TV series, as well as other incidents from his quarter-century career.

Chris Lewis-Smith signing 5 November

Hunting Raven customers were eager to meet Chris

We were delighted to welcome Chris Lewis-Smith to Hunting Raven Books on Saturday 5 November. Chris chatted to customers and signed copies of his new book The Water of Light.

The Water of Light is a novel for readers from ten years old upwards. It’s set at a time when the world has been decimated by a meteorite storm followed by a deadly plague. Young Wesley is one of a few survivors. Sharing the refuge of an underground tunnel network with a group of other orphans, he is fed and housed by The Order, a group who are seeking to govern the new world.
From an overheard conversation, Wesley suspects that all that he has been led to believe about the world is far from true. In his quest to find out the truth, he discovers a liquid that has special healing properties. The Order, knowing that it can also be used for a more sinister purpose, want a supply for themselves. With one of the last precious bottles of the liquid in his possession, Wesley finds himself at the centre of a violent conflict. One that threatens to take away the one thing he wants more than anything – his freedom.
. . . . . . .
Chris had the idea for the story whilst in the Wookey Hole caves in Somerset. “There’s a rowing boat moored on the underground river down there and I got to wondering who might use it and why. Later I asked someone who worked at the caves if there were any fish in the underground river. He said that he had seen eels in the water. This is where the Eel Catcher, one of the main characters in The Water of Light, came from. I imagined this recluse who lived underground, navigating the underground river and catching and eating eels, and the story grew around him.”

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