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Because everybody is busy and does not always have enough time to browse through bookshelves in the bookstore, book blogs were created. Although a blog is not the real thing, it will help in the way that it can be read at home at any available time. Reading the blog can help to decide on a title to read and what to ask at the bookstore.

There might be as many book blogs as there are books to read. It might feel a bit daunting to decide which book blog to choose. Below is a list of a few good book blogs to follow.

Best Book Blogs to Follow

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“For Reading Addicts” is a blog that provides literary news, it lists new releases, possible reading lists, and will give recommendations on good books to read. This blog will suit writers as well as readers.

“Waterstones” lists books by category and theme. They cover a wide range of bestsellers and a wide variety of genres. This blog also features book reviews and information about authors.

“BookBub” provides content that covers a big variety of genres that includes cookbooks to fiction. The blog also publishes up-to-date news about authors and other content regarding books and adaptations.

“BookTrust” is a captivating blog platform that includes all book genres with book lists for all readers. This blog also contains community interaction, quotes, quizzes, and giveaways. It provides entertainment with quality information about books.

“Epic Reads” covers the fantasy genre. It lists new book releases, news about authors, and detailed lists and reviews of all their previous listings.

“Hooked to Books” is an easy-to-navigate blog site. It gives information about books, writing, publishing, blogging, and all the literary gadgets that are needed to complete each task.

“Everyday Reading” offers a wide range of resources for finding new books to read. This blog offers book reviews, activities, and good read ideas for the old and the young. It encourages new readers to follow through, and book lovers to continue reading.

“Reading Group Guides” is an online community blog for reading groups. It provides guidelines for choosing books to read, discussions in groups, and the latest literary news. It helps groups to get the most out of their reading time.

Following a few book blogs will help with choosing the best books to read out of the many good books on the shelves.