Bestselling Local Somerset Authors - Bestselling Local Somerset Authors

Bestselling Local Somerset Authors

Every community or town or county likes to show off the persons out of their own areas that have achieved something good or great. The same goes for authors that have written bestsellers or are on their way to achieving that coveted accomplishment. Their community wants to show their achievements.

How a Book Becomes a Bestseller

Bestselling Local Somerset Authors 2 - Bestselling Local Somerset Authors

Bookstores are in a very good position to do just that. Promoting the work of their local literary achievers can be done easily in the bookshop. This can be done by putting up a special display of the book and author or a book signing event can be organised with the author taking pictures with fans.

It takes hard work to get a book to be a bestseller. Firstly, the author has to provide an excellent literary work of art. The book needs to be presented well through its cover artwork and look. The outside has to draw the reader to look at the important inside. The more books are sold by the bookstores, the better chance for the bestseller crown.

The reviews a book receives will also make a difference in how many copies of it will be sold. If the reviews are good, it will promote the book to be read. Anybody can give a review and there are many blogs and websites for doing just that. Some reviews carry more weight than others, and those are the ones to focus on.

In Somerset in the United Kingdom, it is no different how the community feels about their local writer’s talent and their bestsellers.

Local Authors in Somerset with Bestseller Books

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Somerset was the inspiration for famous figures in the literary world.

“Jane Austen” must be one of this area’s favourite authors of all time. Some of this author’s timeless bestsellers are “Pride and Prejudice,” “Emma,” “Sense and Sensibility,” and many more.

“Henry Fielding” was an English dramatist and novelist known for his earthy rich humour. “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling” was one of his first novels. Other books by this author are “Amelia” and “Life and Death of Jonathan Wild, the Great.”

“Sir Arthur C Clarke” was known for being creative and talented in many ways. He might be most famous for his novel “A Space Odyssey” which also became an Oscar-winning film. Other bestsellers are “The Sentinel,” “The Songs of Distant Earth,” “The Light of Other Days,” and many more.

“Elizabeth de Beauchamp Goudge” is an award-winning, best-selling author of many short stories and books for children. Some of her books are “A City of Bells, “Linnets and Valerians,” “The Lost Angel,” and “Sister of the Angels.”

“Dame Jaqueline Wilson” is a critically acclaimed author of children’s books and has received many accolades for writing. A few of her acclaimed books are “The Story of Tracy Beaker” and “The Illustrated Mum.”

These are only a few of the bestseller authors that are locally famous for their literary prowess.