What Makes a Bookshop Great - What Makes a Bookshop Great?

What Makes a Bookshop Great?

All bookstores are great in some way, especially the part that they all sell books. To be able to stand out and become a really great bookstore may take a little more effort than selling books. Building a shop’s own character and atmosphere will ensure that the attention is drawn away from the competitors towards uniqueness.

To stand out from the crowd, a bookstore must be inventive and look into new avenues for services to offer.

How to Build a Great Bookstore

What Makes a Bookshop Great 2 - What Makes a Bookshop Great?

Bigger book retailers have the advantage that they are more than one bookstore and is known by people worldwide. To draw the attention away from bigger bookshops with bigger advertising campaigns, they should offer something new, something different than the usual.

Giving away a complimentary bookmark, bumper sticker, or a small fridge magnet with every purchase will remind customers of the store. The bookstore’s name can be printed on the complimentary gift.

Develop an area where tea, coffee, and easy meals can be ordered and eaten. A mini eatery to relax after purchasing a new book where customers can have a quick refreshment while discussing their purchase.

Create a place where everybody in the shop’s vicinity will feel welcome. Customers from far and wide should feel that they belong. Send out a small questionnaire with questions on what customers would want their bookshop to offer. These questionnaires can be given with purchases made, by e-mail, on a pamphlet, or it can be completed while browsing the shop.

Implement some of the suggestions from the questionnaire and make sure that people know about the new inventions in the bookstore. Customers like to be heard and to feel recognised in the places where they spend time and money.

Offering New and Creative Services

What Makes a Bookshop Great 1 - What Makes a Bookshop Great?

Organising a book signing, with a meet the author, is nothing new. Make the most of these events and let them be remembered long afterwards. Assist customers with markers on the bookshelves that recommend the author’s books. Keep customers and fans of the author updated on all the things concerning the author by pamphlets, e-mails, or other messages.

Have a box where customers can place their names for a monthly draw. The name drawn can be given bookshop privileges for that month. For instance, choose the books that will fill a certain shelf in the bookstore.