How to Plan and Run a Book Signing Event - How to Plan and Run a Book Signing Event

How to Plan and Run a Book Signing Event

Book signing events are very popular. Readers like to meet the author of their favourite books. Book signing events can draw many people to bookstores for quite a few reasons other than just the signing of a book.

At these events, an author will sit down for some time and sign books for his readers. An author’s signature will increase the value of the book and remind a fan of the author and a very special happening.

How to Plan a Book Signing Event

Book signing events and public appearances are a big part of an author’s marketing campaign for a book. These events will help determine if the book is going to be a bestseller, if it is not already one, and therefore successful. Authors usually have a marketing manager, or a publisher, who might organise an event.

How to Plan and Run a Book Signing Event 1 - How to Plan and Run a Book Signing Event

Bookstores like to present their local authors to promote their literary prowess, and then also their shop and community. Choosing a bookstore as the venue can therefore be an excellent option. The venue will automatically decide who the target audience will be. To draw attention from elsewhere, there needs to be advertising to highlight the event.

Broadcast the event on all platforms available. Special invitations for important people in the community can be issued. The local newspaper, magazines, and radio stations can be provided with a sample chapter of the book and information about the author. Organising an interview with the author and the newspaper will draw much attention.

The Flow of the Event

The evening can start with an excerpt readout of the book. This can be done by any good reader or the author himself. A little time for questions can be given afterwards, and then the allotted time for signing can begin. The author can take requests for short messages to accompany the signature, but in many instances, the readers might prefer just the signature.

If the author is comfortable with mingling with the guests, the event can be finished with conversations with the author.

Throughout the event, make sure to do small things like giving out freebies, handing out bookmarks, and replenishing the books that are due for signing. Also, make sure to take pictures of the signing to promote future events.